About Us

What Is C.E.R.A.A.S.A.?

C.E.R.A.A.S.A. stands for Canadian Eastern Regional Alcoholics Anonymous Service Assembly, and is sponsored by the 10 Areas of the Eastern Canada Region:

Area 81 - New Brunswick/Prince Edward Island

Area 82 - Nova Scotia/Newfoundland/Labrador

Area 83 - Eastern Ontario International

Area 84 - Northeast Ontario

Area 85 - Northwest Ontario

Area 86 - Western Ontario

Area 87 - Southwest Quebec

Area 88 - Southeast Quebec

Area 89 - Northeast Quebec

Area 90 - Northwest Quebec

The purpose of C.E.R.A.A.S.A. is to develop greater unity among the members, groups and Areas of the Eastern Canada Region; to encourage the exchange of ideas and experiences; and to provide an opportunity for members to discuss pertinent aspects of Alcoholics Anonymous. The Assembly and the C.E.R.A.A.S.A. committee always try to foster our legacies of Recovery, Unity and Service.

Delegates of the Eastern Canada Region have overall responsibility for implementing C.E.R.A.A.S.A. and all current Delegates of the Region should attend. C.E.R.A.A.S.A. guidelines suggest that the cost to attend is determined by the host Area, keeping in mind that the registration fee be reasonably priced to encourage attendance by as many members of Alcoholics Anonymous as possible.

C.E.R.A.A.S.A. Map